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“True treasure comes when we use our resources in a way that honors our values and purpose." ~ Rachel McDonough, CFP®

Investing & Faith: The Impact of Faith Based Investing

This newly-released book, Investing & Faith: The Impact of Faith-Based Investing, is a collaborative work that pulls together insights from 12 industry leaders. We hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to you. I was honored to contribute Chapter 7, “The Stewardship of Faith-Based Investing.”

“Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) in the United States continues to expand at a healthy pace. Total US-domiciled assets under management (AUM) using SRI strategies grew from $8.7 trillion at the start of 2016 to $12.0 trillion at the start of 2018, a 38 percent increase. This represents 26 percent—or 1 in 4 dollars—of the total US assets under professional management.”1

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Giving, Saving & Spending According to your Calling

True Treasure upgrades the way you think about your money, giving you intentional ways to make financial decisions based on your values and priorities. Through a rewarding process of soul searching and reflection, you’ll be empowered to manage your money with confidence and conviction as you see the direct connection between your money and your values.

Over your lifetime, the cumulative impact of your financial decisions greatly influences how fulfilling your life is—and determines the degree of true wealth that you’ll attain. But how do you sift through the many voices telling you what you should do and tune in to the inner voice of truth so you can find the most meaningful ways to use your resources?

You are invited on a journey to learn more about who you are, what you care about, and how to manage your finances accordingly. True treasure is cultivated as you give, save, and spend in alignment with your calling.  Are you ready to change your focus from mere money to true treasure?

Here's what people are saying about True Treasure...

“Rather than simply telling us what to do with our money, True Treasure gives us room to ponder and even challenge the very personal logic behind our financial decisions.  McDonough provides a solid, values-based framework around which to construct a financial plan that will help readers understand what’s truly important to them, and then to act on their good intentions. The message of True Treasure contains timeless pearls of wisdom relevant for everyone.  If you want to make the most of your money and your life, read this book.”
-Carrie Rocha | Author of Pocket Your Dollars

“The timeless principles found in True Treasure outline the importance of living out one’s values and calling intentionally. Rachel McDonough draws upon her experiences as both a financial advisor and missionaries’ daughter to graciously challenge the normal approaches to wealth and abundance. I recommend this book to anybody who desires to live both an internally and externally abundant life!”
-Robin John | CEO, Eventide Mutual Funds

“In True Treasure, McDonough has put together a powerful guide to change the reader’s attitude about life and money.  Anyone searching for a better money relationship will appreciate how the author guides the reader through the work to be done.  I believe all who read this book will benefit from her insights and wisdom.”
– Marty Kurtz | 2012 Chair, Financial Planning Association | CEO, The Planning Center, Inc.

True Treasure gives a refreshing, thoughtful, yet practical look at the world of personal finances. I was encouraged, challenged and educated about my approach to my own financial life. Using real life stories, experiences, reflection, and proven financial tools, McDonough has managed to make our financial lives speak a new language, the language of what it means to have real wealth, the type of wealth that results in an abundance and fulfillment that radiates in who we are and our true calling and purpose in life.  This book is a must read for anyone who is serious about attaining a wealth that will truly last forever!”
-Dr. Verna Cornelia Price | Bestselling Author, The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life


True Treasure is exactly that – a gem of a book that helps you determine the best balance of giving, saving, and spending for your specific circumstances. It provides helpful and practical advice in a style that is warm, engaging, and delightful to read.”
-Betty Liedtke | Founder & CEO of Find Your Buried Treasure, LLC


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