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Investing That Makes the World Rejoice

Investing That Makes the World Rejoice

One of the fund companies I have admired and partnered with over the years recently put forth a new slogan, “Investing that Makes the World Rejoice.”

Honestly, it took me by surprise. Even though I’ve been actively involved in faith-based investing for several years, I would never have thought of Proverbs 11:10a “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices…” as a key verse for this type of investing.

One of the criticisms of the faith-based investing movement has been that it sometimes feels too focused on negative things. For example, we’re not going to invest in or profit from abortion, pornography, tobacco, gambling, etc.

Ultimately, I believe having clean hands and a pure heart is foundational to faith-based investing, and should include screening out morally objectionable activities like these. But this vision goes far beyond what we are against.

What if your investment dollars could be directed into companies that are delivering truly valuable goods and services? Companies that make the world better? What if your investing could make the world rejoice?

It can.

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