Faith-Based Investing

Does God care how we invest?

Every Dollar Invested is a Vote

Whenever we invest, we hope to see the companies we own profit and grow their earnings. So why not “vote” for companies that do a great job of creating and delivering valuable goods and services? Companies that make the world a better place?

On top of basic financial goals, an increasing number of investors are looking to invest in companies that align with their faith and values. There are a growing number of mutual funds and managed accounts that intentionally invest in companies that are creating value for employees, communities, and the world…and benefiting shareholders at the same time. It’s called Faith-Based Investing.

It’s also possible to avoid investing in companies that prey upon human weaknesses (such as tobacco, pornography, gambling) and companies cause harm (abortion, slave labor, etc.)

You can apply the same principles of sound investing (diversification, asset allocation, risk managment) and keep a clean conscience at the same time. You don’t have to choose between your integrity and being a prudent investor.


Make Your Money Count, LLC does not offer securities or investment advice. Information found on this page is for general information purposes only. For investment services or advice, we will gladly connect you with a licensed investment professional who shares your values.


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